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About Me

We are all Born with a Unique Genetic Blueprint, which lays out the basic characteristics of our personality as well as our physical health and appearance… And yet, we all know that life experiences do change us.
The same thing happened to this boy a sudden thought changed his entire career and a life as well.

Born in a small city this boy never thought that he will do something which he never thought of. Like every other child even he thought of becoming an Engineer to fulfil his parent’s dreams and he did do it, but it’s often said “Life is Unpredictable” and so was his.

This boy is none other than DVJ Happy a.k.a Prasanna Hanpude (DJ Happy).

You all must be wondering what was that thought that changed his life. There is a short story behind it.

It all happened 5 years ago when he was Perusing his Engineering in Mechanical but, his inner soul was pushing him towards Music and then finally he decided to choose to go with his inner voice and thus become a DJ but not quitting his studies. He enrolled himself into one of the best DJ Academy of nation i.e. Party Map, Vashi (Navi Mumbai) under Guidance of the legendary DJs like Akhil Talreja, DJ Lemon , O2&Srk etc.

After getting certified from the academy it was time for him to showcase his talent to world. DJ Happy started playing at “Level 3 Club Lounge, Indore”, where he entertained audience for more than a year.

He is currently a Resident DJ at club “Quorum & Critical Mass, Sayaji Hotel, Indore”. It is really an achievement to play at Indore’s one of the best club within very short span of DJing career. He is been associated with Sayaji for the last 3 years.

Other than this he has also performed at various clubs like Titos(Goa), Bollywood Discotheque, Frieto, Sky Lounge,Blue Ice, Cafe Mambos(Goa), SinQ(Goa) , 18 Degrees (Goa),F-bar (Indore), Ego-The Club – Viddora, Marbella (Indore) & across the India. Apart from Clubbing he also does Private gigs, Wedding events & Corporate events, College parties with happy client like Airtel, Red FM, Induslnd Bank, IIT, Idea, INIFD, IMS named a few.

Talking about his specialty as a DJ, He is specialized in playing Original Bollywood & Trap music with Videos too while love to play Hip Hop, Deep House , Dutch etc. Now he Came with new concept of Dvjing (Audio + Visuals). When he plays the track the audio comes out and visuals can be seemed on screen at the same time .. For more watch his Live Videos on Youtube…He is Owner? of “Soundwaves Djing Academy”.

Famous Remixes of Him – Dum Maro Dum – DVJ Happy remix (1.2 Million Views on Youtube) , We will Rock You , O Hum Dum- Stay happy remix , Attention , Beautiful Now , Sweety Tera Drama and Many More.

We seldom follow our dream or the voice of our inner soul, because we are scared of what the future consequences will be. DVJ Happy followed his voice of the soul without getting worried about the consequences and hence now he is one of the best and renowned DJ’s of the city and also is very much in demand in other cities as well.

DJ Suketu                                                                   DJ Mira                                                 DJ Abhyjeet
Akhil Talreja                                                              DJ Notorious                                         AJ47
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Shubuhi Joshi                                                              DJ Zweeto                                            Gida
Barkha Kaul                                                               O2Srk                                                       Afroz Sayed
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DJ Esha                                                                      DJ Abhyjeet                                              Dj Dash
Emwee (Dubai)                                                         VDJ Shaan                                                Swap
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DJ ABhishek (Pune)                                                DJ Pranav
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